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Clients Term and Conditions

My aim is to introduce clients to a suitable nanny, Au pair or babysitter who meets the family's individual requirements.

I personally meet with each Nanny, Au pair or babysitter to discuss their CV, qualifications and experience.

I check their DBS is up to date and references are available. [ I would recommend that the client make their own reference checks too.]

I will arrange a meeting between the client and prospective nanny. Please be advised to use this time effectively, asking relevant questions for the role. [ I have suggested questions if you require them.]

Clients can register with Penguins Childcare Agency Ltd for FREE.

*A placement fee of;

£495 Full time Nanny - 25+ hours per week 

£349 Part time Nanny-  up to 24 hours per week 

£200 emergency care- immediate Nanny short term

£50 Babysitter fee[ evenings] Initial fee, followed by £25 each time used.

* This is payable from the Client to Penguins Childcare Agency Ltd once an offer of employment has been made from the client. Please pay within 10 days from the offer of employment. 

Please note;  Penguins Childcare Agency do not employ the Nanny, Au pair or Babysitter. I would recommend a contract is drawn up between you, the client and the employee, outlining the nannys, au pairs or Babysitter duties.

It is the responsibility of the client to discuss salary with the employee. A typical salary is £10-12 per hour GROSS. it is the  responsibility of the client for National Insurance contribution,PAYE and pension contribution. If you require more details please ask.

Penguins Childcare Agency Ltd do not accept any liability by the client, from introduction, employment and during employment.

I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.

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