Penguins Childcare Agency Ltd

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Welcome to my small, independent business

I have 25 years childcare experience, so I understand the importance of caring for children. As a Nursery Manager part of my role was recruitment. This included the full recruitment process from advertising , interviewing candidates, and offering employment.

I can give support and advise to the family for interviewing the candidate and be involved as much as you require.

Is a nanny for you? simply Yes.  A nanny will provide before/after school care and daytime care for babies. They work within your home so no more drop offs/pick ups during your busy working day. This childcare option can be cost efficient as you are only paying for 1 childcare provider. A nanny can also work for 2 families, which split the costs.

So here I am to work for busy families to help find the perfect Nanny, Au-pair or Babysitter. 

If you require emergency care or a long term babysitter I can help.

* Calling all Nanny's and  Babysitter's seeking employment , send me your CV.

I look forward to working with you.

Mrs Marie Alibashi- Director

Company House Registered-12107451